Tuesday, February 24, 2015

American Presidents and their verbal diarrhea

Bush Talk; when obstetrician-gynecologist aren't allowed to love women.

Biden; for the love of an American barrack and its presidential aspirations

When Reagan learnt something new

Carter on when God exempted him from the Ten Commandments

Bush Talk; when a fool fools a fool

Gerald Ford on when a President gets buried alive

Bill Clinton and that Monica Levinsky dodge

Father Bush on the meaning of dementia

Al Gore; spots are to zebras as climate change are to humans!

Quayle; the man who saw tomorrow!

Eisenhower on where the past and present meet

Bill Clinton's experimentation without inhalation... suuuuure Bill, so true!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Al Gore, the man that created the internet!

1 comment:

Stanley Horsh said...

Whatever American Presidents are smoking or injecting must be some really good 'stuff'.